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Някой има ли erwin account?


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Пуснах търсачката на форума, но не намери нищо по ключова дума erwin. И понеже мисля, че ще е интересно за всички ето го линка: https://erwin.skoda-auto.cz/erwin/showHome.do


Тоз ервин всъщност е:


erWin is the Electronic Repair and Workshop Information service from Škoda Auto for independent garages, vehicle fleets and all other companies which undertake professional level repairs and servicing to Škoda Auto vehicles. erWin also is available to private persons who want to repair their Škoda Auto vehicle themselves.


erWin shows you within seconds everything you need to repair and maintain your Škoda vehicle. The information is provided online. Always informed. Always up-do-date.


erWin contains information specific to individual vehicles, e.g. technical product information or maintenance tables. You have to log on first for this application.


erWin knows even the smallest differences between the models.

Because erWin contains all the workshop manuals from Škoda Auto, together with many other useful information to improve service.


Та мисълта ми е...някой да има акаунт за там? Или пък да проверим колко искат за една година и да си го шернем? smile027

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*Net order total (VAT in accordance with the legal provisions)


The erWin flat rate gives you unrestricted access to online service information at a fixed price. To reserve a flat rate you must be registered and logged in.


You can choose the duration according to your needs:


* One hour without printing rights (only screenshot possible) €4.00

* One day incl. printing rights €14.00

* 7 days incl. printing rights €60.00

* 30 days incl. printing rights €210.00

* 365 days incl. printing rights €1,945.00


The advantages are obvious:


* Unlimited usage within the reserved period.

* Quick access to desired information.

* Access to all vehicle-specific information.

* You work always online with current technical data.

* Depending on selected flat rate, you also can print online service information.


от твоя линк =>Purchse article (втория таб) =>Order flat rate

Често казано, не смятам че можем да се организираме и да купим годишен лиценз. А и пишат че базата е онлайн. Предполагам, че включват и софтуерни ъпдейти. Виж за един месец и да подгреем няколко принтера може и да изкараме всичко.

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